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JYC Battery Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.
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1, Battery Case injection process

 Fresh ABS raw material. Cases injected by JYC, insuring battery cases quality from the source.

2, LEAD TIN alloy grid

 Proven High-Tin alloy plate technique enhances plates anti-corrosion performance, increases battery life. 

3,Casting Welding

 Automatic plates-group cast-welding technique insures stable welding of the battery, with no open circuit. 

4,Key-hole mode Welding

 Automatic TTP machines and proven technique insure battery quality, reducing battery internal resistance, decreasing labor and material cost.

5,Heat Sealing

 Automatic heat-sealing machines and proven technique insure battery sealing more stable, decreasing labor and material cost.

6,Inner formation

 Advanced and proven inner formation technique avoids electrolyte emission, insures complete plates formation and decreases battery internal resistance..

7,Capacity sorting

 Plates weight-sorting and automatic assembly line insure a precise acid-filling volume and battery fully charged.

8, Automatic packing line 

Automatic silkscreen-printing and packing line insure stable printing quality and decrease labor cost.