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JYC Battery Group Founded in 2000, has been one of the largest battery manufacturers in China.Through 19 years of development, JYC has grown to well-known and the most reliable storage battery brand at home and broad. With a 150,000 square mete manufacturing plant finely tuned for efficiency, strong innovation capability from our R&D team, ISO standard manufacturing processes, effective management, and the awareness of being an industry leader in the supplier of Batteries.

Our products are classified into two categories: Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery and Lithium-ion Battery. The VRLA battery includes AGM series, Deep Cycle series, Solar Battery series and Gel series; The Lithium-ion Battery covers Lithium cobalt oxide series, Lithium manganese oxide series and Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) series.

Since the establishment of JYC company,it persist in technological renovation, pay high attention on talents and improve employee’s qualification, streng then management on quality, provide excellent service. It has pass the ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001(OHSAS18001) and obtained TLC/CE/RoHS/IEC etc Certificate. With the strong support of our own scientific research strength, and in partnership with internal famous universities, JYC Company established the professional Research and Development Center of manufacture of storage battery; " Technology, R&D, Innovation, and Breakthrough " are what further sets us apart from the competition. Quite simply while other follow, JYC leads. From new product development, to improving product quality, and ceaselessly developing new products to satisfy the society, market and customer's requirements. JYC is committed to be the market leader in the battery industry.

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